I am a bowyer living and working in County Clare, Ireland. I spent a number of years apprenticed to Guild Master bowyer Don Adams and qualified with the Craft Guild in 2015. I have been interested in shooting arrows since at least aged 8, when I got my first shop-bought bow for my birthday.

My interest in the construction of longbows finally manifested in 2010 when I attended a longbow making course run by CELT (celtnet.org), which I now teach. There I made my first longbow: an ash wood flatbow with a flawed tiller, which I still have today.

Since then I have continued to hone my skill and knowledge of  toxophily.

During the second year of my apprenticeship with Don I began to become interested in the history of the longbow, in particular what we call the the War Bow today. This study progressed into a living history portrayal of a C15th bowyer, which I display at public events.

Contact: livinglongbows (at) gmail.com