For Sale

For a custom bow, contact me and we’ll discuss all the details.

This page will be updated semi-regularly with finished bows I currently have for sale.


Full Compass Laminate Longbow: LLL 015

A 48 lb (@ 28″) full compass laminated longbow, constructed with forward set limbs, this bow has quick cast. The twin core woods, which are tapered prior to lamination, are made out of Gumbeni and Purple Heart. It is backed with Bamboo and has a Castello Boxwood belly. The ox horn nocks are individually shaped once attached the bow, to ensure correct alignment. This bow is set up for right-handed archers with a mother-of-pearl arrow plate. It has a stitched leather handle and a flemish twist Fast-Flight string.

Price: €485


Yew Drovers Bow: LLDA 004

This 40 lb (@28″) yew self bow is in the historic style of a Drover’s Bow: a full compass tiller, but much lighter than a War Bow. It is made from a single piece of yew wood which has plenty of character and includes both sapwood and heartwood throughout its length. I have left the antler nocks in their original shape, to maintain a natural and unique feel. The wound leather handle helps give a comfortable grip when shooting, but can be removed for historical accuracy, if desired. The string is of single loop, flemish twist Fast-Flight construction. Linen strings are available on request.

Price: €560

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